Issues management is an important part of managing a business. Here are some tips to get you started.

First of all, always be prepared.

  • Develop a plan for issues management. We never know when issues may arise. Therefore, make it a priority to make a crisis management plan.
  • Identify key issues. How vulnerable are you to risks? Identify them and prepare background information.
  • Identify your representatives. Who are your spokespersons in times of crisis? Identify them and give them issues management training, if needed.
  • Build relationships with the media. Always maintain a media list of key journalists in your field. Establish warm relationships with them.

Next, try to control the narrative.

  • Announce the issue yourself. Should issues arise, always announce your own crisis. If you don’t, someone else will.
  • Educate your audience. Always use your chosen communication platform to educate on the issues. Explain yourself clearly.
  • Express emotional appropriately. When needed, show genuine concern, regret, or sorrow.

Finally, keep these in mind.

  • Don’t lie. Deception is never a good option.
  • Stay accountable. Admit it if you’ve made a mistake.
  • Be accurate. Keep your information accurate, informative, and available. Use external experts to support you when appropriate.
  • Honesty is best. Always explain the issue, implications, precautions, and proposed solutions, with transparency and integrity.
  • Be consistent. Helpfully explain and education for the duration of the issue. 


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