Many Canberra lobby groups have mastered the fine art of effective lobbying. Here are some tips for you to get started:

First of all, remember that good outcomes come from good preparation. Rely on your data, analysis, development of options, broad consultation among stakeholders, and follow up.

  • Brief all sides. Consider the target’s ability to help you. Provide noteworthy context to the person you’re seeing by localising the issue.
  • Provide information summaries. Respect the person’s time constraints and the many competing demands on his or her time.
  • Be polite, professional, and prepared to develop relationships over time.

Some of the more common mistakes made by the novice Canberra lobbyist include:

  • Time constraints. Plan your presentations ahead of time.
  • “The Ask.” Don’t ask the politically impossible. Is the person really in the best position to help you?
  • Accuracy. Only use credible facts and research.
  • Pride. Don’t forget the realisation that much of your success comes from support built behind the scenes. Acknowledge the good work of key advisors, bureaucrats, and stakeholders.

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