“Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.” 
Napoleon Bonaparte

Government Relations

Government relations, or lobbying, is an important part of the democratic process. It can help organisations communicate their views on matters of public interest to decision-makers. And, in so doing, improve outcomes for the community as a whole.

The secret is to work out how to do this effectively – how to maximise your organisation’s ability to make a difference.

Day & Hodge Associates has a strong record in, and understanding of, policy and government process. We help our clients reach the right people, with the right messages at the right time.

Our approach to lobbying is premised on the following principles:

  1. Research: we research widely to understand the issue from all sides and, where possible, to identify a win/win position.
  2. Defined objective and strategy: we work with clients to clearly define what they are trying to achieve and how together we will achieve it.
  3. Solutions: we focus on solutions, not problems. Problems are easy to identify and usually well known. Solutions are not always so obvious.
  4. Evidence: we base arguments on robust data and information sourced from credible, independent sources.
  5. Allies: where feasible, and appropriate, we look to build relationships with other groups and organisations who can help the cause. Gathering a coalition of like-minded groups ensures a stronger voice.
  6. Reaching the right people: we help our clients to identify and reach the key influencers and decision makers.
  7. Building cooperative, respectful relationships: success in lobbying takes time and is reliant on building and maintaining productive relationships with decision makers and influencers.

To improve your organisation’s government relations strategies, contact our Canberra team today.